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You could all say it started with a love of food, fitness and photography. Our shared passions ignited a project we both wanted to pursue. A project completely new for the both of us. We wanted to bring products to life, to show that product photography is so much more than a shampoo bottle with a photoshopped background and a sexy model. Product photography is bringing the owners thoughts, feelings and vision to life through a photo so that is what we do.

A little bit about us:

Amy- After spending two years in Australia Amy found a new passion for photography especially food photography. Brunch invites weekly and plenty of photos taken, the spark for photography had been re ignited. Amy is also a personal trainer and an avid lover of cereal. 

Ash- Initially falling into photography through taking pictures of his breakfast with an iPhone, Ash started the photography journey uploading food pictures to Instagram and coupling it with his fitness hobby. Eventually growing into an interest in street and urban photography when moving to Toronto Ash has now started to blend these two styles into products in an attempt to create a unique way of portraying what he is taking.

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