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How to Choose a Backdrop

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Dark, light, textured, bright, bold, fabric. There are so many styles and colours of backdrop to choose from when shooting product photography. Some products may not even need a backdrop, they just need a good set up in the background and away you go.

Backdrops need to aid your product in popping. You have to make that product pop. Give it a feeling and create a setting for it. 

For example lets say you’re taking photos of a chocolate cake with an indulgent fudgey middle layer. You have two options of a backdrop either a dark metal textured or a white bright wood texture. 

Both will work. But you have to think what is this product and what would I like to portray. 

The black background will create a luxurious indulgent feel, add some copper spoons and a copper coloured plate, you’ll be flying. 

The white background will create a more relaxed vibe, a cafe style of shoot, a more simplistic, I would like a slice of cake at a bright cafe feeling. 

Things to think about when choosing a backdrop:

  1. What message would you like the viewer to receive and what would you like them to feel.

  2. CONTRAST is key. Make sure that backdrop creates some form of contrast or at least have props which creates one as you can colour match your backdrop with your product. 

  3. Don’t let the backdrop take away from your product. If the backdrop is louder than your product choose a different one!

Go give it a go!

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