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How to take a good photo with your phone - Our top tips

  1. Focus on one subject- When taking a photo especially with a phone it is beneficial to have just the one subject, this subject shouldn’t take up all of the space either. In fact we suggest having the subject only take up 1/3 of the image and the rest being negative space. Also remember to tap your phone screen to really set the focus on the subject.

  2. Appreciate the negative space- Long story short, the negative space brings focus to your image. Negative space can be a sky, water, empty fields, a backdrop etc..

  3. Use Gridlines- If you play around on your phones camera settings you should be able to add grid lines, this will place gridlines on the screen of your camera. Ever heard of the “rule of thirds”? According to this rule you should place your subject at these intersections or along the lines to make your photo more balanced and level. It should also allow viewers to interact with the photo naturally. Get gridlines, create madness.

  4. Don’t zoom in- It is soooo tempting to zoom in on a phone BUT doing so can make your photos blurry or pixelated. We suggest getting in closer to your subject or taking a photo at a set distance and crop it later on. This will mean no loss in quality!

  5. Use natural lighting- Flash won’t help you, it can make images look overexposed, take away detail and make people look washed out and shiny. Even after day time there are possibilities for natural lighting, you just have to play with the shadows. Once you find your natural light (Never take directly in sunlight either), you can take your photo and play around with the exposure in an editing app.

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