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Why a Phone can be Just as Good as Your Camera!

We all want the latest smart phone for one reason or another. For Us we look at the camera quality, the interface and the ease of use. Others it may be the brand or even just how it looks. 

But why is a phone camera just as good as your camera? For most of what we do now with our photos most can’t even tell the difference between a camera or a phone picture. And what do we all do now? Put our photos on Instagram. Instagram or uploading photos to another platform will always tend to take away the quality. So if you can take banging photos with your phone then why buy a camera? 

A camera has settings, you can change your depth of field, play around with white balance, manual focus to a more precise point and honestly just getting off auto is what usually makes someone say I want a camera instead of using a phone. 

A camera brings a quality to a picture, the lens of your choice can change an item. Wide angle lens to a macro can change the way you see a flower in an instant. 

So why is a phone as good as a camera? Because it can still take a good quality picture, good enough for Instagram or a quick snappy snap. However, if you care about doing your subject justice and want to play around with what a camera can offer you then it’s the way to go. 

Go picture that flower with a click of a button, the change of a lens and cheeky change in depth, I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Taken on Camera:

Taken on Phone:

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